Upholstery Tip #11: Reverse engineering

Tip #11: Reupholstering in Reverse

Starting an upholstery project means carefully taking apart the old fabric. But did you know there's a smart way to do it? I call it "Reupholstering in reverse". Instead of randomly pulling things apart, you take off layers in the opposite order they were put on, keeping track of each layer.

Usually, you start by removing the bottom dust cloth. Then, you work your way up, taking off each layer one by one. To keep track, grab a piece of paper and make a list. Write "dust cloth" at the bottom, then add the next layer above it, like "outside back," and so on. This list is like a map for when you put the new fabric back on.

When it's time to put everything back together, you just follow your list, this time from top to bottom, recreating the piece in the reverse order you took them off. This method makes sure you don't miss anything and saves you from guessing or making mistakes.

Notebook and pen with reupholstery steps list


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