Upholstery Tip #13: There's more to safety

Tip #13: Keep yourself safe when stripping old furniture down

Safety is really important when you're working in an upholstery workshop, especially if it's your first time doing reupholstering. Tip #13 about safety is a big deal because it reminds you to be safe while you're fixing up furniture.

Wearing a dust mask is super important. When you're taking apart old furniture, there's a lot of dust and stuff that can make you sick if you breathe it in. So, wearing a mask keeps you safe.

Safety glasses are also really important. They stop bits of wood, flexible tack strip, staples or other stuff from hurting your eyes when you're taking furniture apart. Some parts of the furniture can be really tricky and might pop out unexpectedly.

Gloves are a must-have too. They protect your hands from getting splinters or cuts. Plus, sometimes you find surprises stuffed in the furniture that might be dangerous!

Wearing closed-toe shoes might not seem like a big deal, but they protect your feet from getting hurt by tools or sharp things that might fall on the floor. And trust me, stepping on a staple or tack hurts!

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