Upholstery Tip #14 Cover Up

Tip #14 Use a dropcloth under your project when stripping off the old fabric

When you start messing around with upholstery, you'll find out quickly that taking off the old stuff is a big job and can be pretty boring!

Before I start ripping off the old fabric, I like to put a thick cloth on the ground under where I'm working. It doesn't matter if you're working on the floor, a table, or stools, just put that cloth under your project. As you work, the cloth catches all the dirt, stuffings, tacks, and staples, making cleaning up easy.

The best kind of cloth to use is a thick cotton canvas one, like what painters use. Don't use plastic or tarp because they can get slippery.

The cloth also marks the area where you're working. It's always a good idea to keep kids and pets away from your project, but if they come close, you can tell them to stay off the cloth to avoid getting tacks stuck in socks or paws.

Dust from old furniture can be annoying, especially if you're sensitive to it. After you're done for the day, you can dump all the dust from the cloth into a rubbish bag to clean up faster.

Some people might think vacuuming afterwards is better than using a cloth. But the problem is, tacks and staples can stick to carpet strands or skid across hard floors. Using a cloth avoids all that nonsense and makes cleaning up faster!

Dropcloth under an armchair


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