Upholstery Tip 16 JULY

Tip #16: DIY Tack Hole Filler

Last month, we discussed how to fix a wobbly frame using wood glue. This month, let's explore another clever use for wood glue in your upholstery projects!

If you’re working with an old frame full of tack holes, don’t worry. Before you start reupholstering, it’s essential to fill those holes. The more times a piece has been reupholstered, the more tack holes it will have, which can weaken the frame and make it difficult for new nails to hold firmly.

A great filler for this is a mixture of wood sanding dust and wood glue. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Collect Wood Sanding Dust: After sanding your frame or drilling holes in something, scoop aside some of the sawdust. The finer the sawdust the better. 
  2. Mix with Wood Glue: Combine the dust with wood glue to create a thick paste.
  3. Fill the Holes: Use your fingers or a putty knife to press the paste into the tack holes. If you use your hands, be careful of splinters as you work.
  4. Allow to dry: Its essential to let it dry for a couple of hours before tacking or stapling. Once it has hardened, it will be as good as new wood!

This handy mixture fills gaps smoothly and strengthens the frame, ensuring a better finish for your upholstery.

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