Upholstery Tip #6: Saggy bottoms

Tip #6: Reviving Your Saggy Seat

Is your favourite chair feeling a bit too saggy lately? It might be time for some TLC! Let's talk about Tip #6: checking your chair's padding and springs.

When your chair starts to sink, it's usually a sign that the padding and springs inside are wearing out. Over time, they can lose their support and leave you feeling uncomfortable.

First, take off any loose seat cushions so you can see what's going on underneath. Then, take a peek under the chair to inspect the springs. If you see coil springs poking through the base, that's likely the problem.

Sometimes, all your chair needs is a new base of webbing. It's not too hard to do – just measure the old webbing, buy a replacement, and attach it securely using a webbing stretcher. This can give your chair the support it needs.

But if the springs themselves are broken, you'll need to do a bigger repair job. This might involve taking the chair apart completely. It sounds tough, do a few simpler projects first to build up your confidence. 


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