Upholstery Tip #9: The Cutting Plan

Tip #9 - Efficient Fabric Planning

Ready to upgrade your upholstery project? Tip #9 is all about making the most of your fabric. Start by measuring each panel carefully (we discuss this last time), then create a cutting plan.

You'll need grid paper and a pen. Draw a big rectangle on the paper, with each square representing 10cm of fabric. Match the width of the rectangle to your fabric width, usually about 1.4 meters.

Now, the fun part – think of it like playing Tetris! Arrange your panel pieces on the grid to use up as much fabric as possible. Use a pencil so you can adjust easily.

Remember to keep all your pattern pieces facing the same direction/way. This helps keep your upholstery looking consistent.

Plan for surprises by adding extra fabric for mistakes or tricky patterns. And don't forget about fabric for piping cord!

Efficient planning makes a big difference in upholstery. Take the time to make a cutting plan, place your pieces strategically, and be prepared for anything that comes up.

Grid Paper and Pen with Book


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