Different types of rivets for leathercraft

Different types of rivets for leathercraft
For people who enjoy making things with leather at home, using rivets is an important part of the process. Rivets are like handy tools that help keep leather items strong and good-looking. This guide will help you learn about different types of rivets, such as double cap rivets, single cap rivets, rivet & burrs, semi-tubular rivets, and rapid rivets. Knowing about these will help you pick the best rivet for your leather projects.

Double cap rivet for fastening and attaching leather in leathercraft projects
Double Cap Rivets
Double cap rivets are a popular choice for leathercraft due to their polished appearance and versatility. They consist of two caps – one on each side of the leather – and a post that passes through the material. These rivets are suitable for various applications, including securing multiple layers of leather or attaching hardware like clasps and buckles. DIY crafters appreciate the polished finish and the range of finishes available, allowing for both functional and decorative use.

Single cap rivets for fastening and attaching leather in leathercraft projects
Single Cap Rivets
Single cap rivets are similar to double cap rivets, but they have a single cap on one side, and flattened on the other. These rivets are commonly used for projects where a sleek and minimalist look is desired. Single cap rivets are suitable for lightweight leather items like wallets, belts, and accessories. Crafters appreciate their simplicity and the fact that they provide a secure fastening without drawing too much attention to the hardware.

Rivet and burr for fastening and attaching leather in leathercraft projects
Rivet & Burrs
The rivet and burr combination involves using two separate components to secure leather pieces together. The rivet has a cylindrical shaft, and the burr is a washer-like piece that is placed on the backside of the leather. This combination offers a strong and secure connection, making it ideal for heavy-duty leather items like belts and bags. Crafters often choose rivet and burr setups when they require added strength and durability.

Semi tubular rivets for fastening and attaching leather in leathercraft projects
Semi-Tubular Rivets
Semi-tubular rivets have a partially hollow shaft, providing a unique combination of strength and flexibility. Crafters can set these rivets by hammering the end of the shaft, causing it to flare out and secure the leather layers. Semi-tubular rivets are commonly used in projects where a more industrial and rugged look is desired, such as on work gear or heavy-duty leather tool holders.

Rapid rivet for securing leather during leathercraft projects

Rapid Rivets
Also known as compression or speedy rivets, Rapid rivets are perfect for fastening leather and other sturdy materials. With just two parts—a stem and a cap—they offer a swift and easy installation process. Simply punch holes, insert the cap through, align it with the stem, place on a firm surface, and lightly hammer or use a rivet press tool to compress for a secure connection. Ideal for quick and reliable DIY projects.

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