How to glue upholstery foam together with Ados

How to glue upholstery foam together with Ados

ADOS Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive bonds most materials quickly and easily, especially foam and wadding products for the upholstery industry.

It provides a long lasting bond that will ensure your pieces stay put. Ados spray glue has a very fast tack off, a low soak spray requirement, and dries clear.

The easiest for home DIYer's to use is Ados Spray Adhesive.

1. Place a work surface in a well ventilated area. 

2. Protect the area surrounding your work surface with a drop sheet, newspapers or plastic sheet.

3. Shake the can of Ados Spray Adhesive well.

4. Carefully spray both sides of the surfaces to be glued. Do not overspray. 

5. Wait for the surfaces to dry a little (15-30 seconds) for it to become tacky.

4. Carefully press both sides together.

5. Leave for 15 - 20 minutes for it to form a strong bond. 



Ados Spray Features & Benefits

  • Reliable – High strength
  • Convenient – Rapid cure, fast tack
  • User friendly – Non staining / low mist, Aerosol = no clean up
  • Easy to Use – Repositionable, Clear drying
  • Cost effective – Low soak
  • Low odour - Safe for indoor use


  • Bonding wood, paper, metal, most plastics, fibreglass, leather, carpet, PVC foam, cardboard, cloth, fabrics, foils, cork, some rubbers, felt, labeling, sail cloths, photographs
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