🎥 Crafting a Santa Sack: A Fun DIY Project

🎥 Crafting a Santa Sack: A Fun DIY Project

I love stuffing Santa sacks with sack stuffers!

In this tutorial, Stevie demonstrates how to make a charming gift sack using hessian (burlap), fabric, and ribbon. This wonderful craft project can be completed in about an hour, making it a perfect choice for adding a special touch to your holiday celebrations.

If you want to personalise this sack, you can use Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint to stencil names or messages on the front.

Tools: Sewing machine, scissors, ruler, maker, chalk, dressmakers pins, safety pin, large needle.

Supplies: Hessian, red fabric, black cotton twine, wide black ribbon.

Please note that the specific dimensions are not crucial for this project, as these instructions can be adapted to suit any size you desire. For the lining fabric, feel free to use any material that catches your fancy. Stevie used some leftover flannel for this demonstration. Remember, when sewing the lining, leave a small section of the seam unsewn. This will serve as an opening to turn the entire project inside out.

By following Stevie's instructions and infusing your creativity, you can make a lovely Santa sack to bring joy and excitement to your holiday celebrations. Embrace this delightful craft project and fill your sack with wonderful surprises that will surely bring smiles to the faces of loved ones. Enjoy the process and have a merry crafting experience!

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