#15 Wobbly Frame Inspection

Tip #15: Check for Damage After Stripping Down the Project

This month, we go a step further and look at inspecting and fixing the frame before you begin reupholstering. The main problem is wobbly joints, but luckily it’s usually an easy fix!

To reglue the joints, you first need to take them apart and remove all the old glue.

Pro Tip #1: Label each matching joint. Carefully tap the pieces apart with a mallet, then use masking tape to label each corresponding joint. Use the same number on each matching piece—e.g., label the front left leg with a "1" and the joint it attaches to with a "1". This will simplify reassembly and ensure everything fits together properly.

Next, generously apply wood glue to the joints, fit them together, and clamp them tightly. Leave the clamps on for at least 24 hours to ensure the glue sets properly.

Pro Tip #2: To prevent clamp marks, place a small piece of wood or padding between the clamp and the frame.

By starting with a sturdy frame, you lay the groundwork for a successful upholstery project.

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