101 Upholstery Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets

101 Upholstery Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets
Master the art of upholstery with this Ebook collection of tips, tricks and trade secrets. This ebook shares insights, questions and conversations that author Antonia Marino has had with her upholstery students over her years of teaching. A great resource for absolute beginners and seasoned upholsterers alike. Includes 101 general tips, 6 golden tips, 22 bonus tips and a comprehensive glossary of upholstery terms.

Author: Antonia Marino
Pages: 40
Ebook Format: PDF (or request EPUB, MOBI)
ISBN: 978-0-473-49538-1
(Also available: Apple Books)

1. A hobby that keeps on giving
2. The know-hows
3. Selecting & preparing furniture
4. Support base & comfort core
5. Selecting & working with fabric
6. General techniques
7. Upholstery tools
8. Upholstery supplies
9. Glossary

About the Author:
Antonia Marino is a self-taught upholsterer, who has been practicing her trade since 1992. She currently runs a successful upholstery supply store and teaches adult upholstery classes.
Antonia has supported well over 8,000 students on their creative journey of reupholstery. During that time she has accumulated a mass of practical know- how’s which have helped her students to progress rapidly.
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“BONUS TIP #1. A coil spring needs to be replaced if it’s broken or it’s getting tired. To check a tired spring, place it on a table and press it down with the flat of your hand. If it starts to lean over to the side, replace it.”

Excerpt From: “Upholstery Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets.” Page 9

“BONUS TIP #14. When making box cushions it’s tempting to cut the height of your side boxing fabric the thickness of foam + two seam allowances. To get a snug fit add only one seam allowance. By cutting your side panel smaller in this way, the cushion will have a nice shape, fill out the sides better, and allow the piping cord to sit smoothly.”

Excerpt From: “Upholstery Tips, Tricks & Trade Secrets.” Page 27

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