Cane Mesh: Open 1/2" (PRE-CUT SQUARES)

Cane Mesh: Open 1/2
This pre-woven cane mesh is used for re-seating cane chairs that have a groove around the opening (rather than drilled holes) Cane webbing can also be used for decorative projects like cane headboards and doors. Commonly used in conjunction with WEDGING SPLINE (sold separately) to lock mesh into place. See below for fitting instructions.

Also referred as sheet cane, pressed cane, webbing cane or cane mesh, rattan webbing.

PROFILE: Open mesh semi-bleached
SIZE: 1/2" (12.7mm) hole centre to hole centre, using 2.5mm cane.
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How to replace cane mesh on a seat

Remove old mesh and clean up groove.

  1. Use a craft knife to score around the outside edge of the wedging spline
  2. Use a hammer and a narrow chisel or flat headed screw-driver (which is no wider than the groove) to remove the wedging spline from the groove.
  3. Remove the old mesh, being careful not to damage the wooden frame.
  4. Clean out the groove using the chisel or screwdriver. 

Prepare cane & spline

  1. Measure the width of the groove, and select wedging spline that is about 1mm narrower.
  2. Cut new cane mesh so it's large enough so it will extend 2cm beyond the groove.  
  3. In a tub of water, soak the cane mesh and wedging for 20 minutes. 

Placing the cane mesh

  1. Lay the mesh onto the seat and square it up so each side is straight and even. 
  2. Starting at the front, remove any horizontal cane strands that are laying on the outside edge of the groove. 
  3. Secure the middle 2-3cm of cane into the groove. Use a thin wooden wedge to hold it in place temporarily. 
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 on the back of the seat, then on either side, removing excess cane strands.  
  5. Using a flat tool, such as a metal scrapper, or a wooden wedge, press the cane into the rest of the grooves. For round chairs, remove excess diagonal cane strands before pressing in. 

Preparing groove for wedging spline

  1. Using a craft knife, carefully cut away the excess mesh about 2mm below the outside edge of the groove. 
  2. Apply a thin line of pva glue in the groove.

Placing the wedging spline

  1. Cut the end of the wedging spline at a neat 45 degree angle. 
  2. For rounded seats, start at the center back. Place the end of the spline into the groove, tap carefully with a hammer and continue around the whole chair. Cut the end at a 45 degree angle to finish.
  3. For square seats, cut the spline to fit each side, trimming the ends at a 45 degree angle. Tap into place with a hammer and repeat on all sides. 
  4. Use your wooden wedge and hammer to gently tap the wedging spline down into the groove.

Finishing off

  1. Allow the mesh to dry at least 24 hours to allow the fibres to shrink and tighten. 
  2. Finish off with shellac, stain, varnish or paint. 

YouTube: Install cane mesh seating

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